Ashish Bansal

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Ashish Bansal, a Senior Manager of Technology at Sapient (, has more than eight years of experience in the IT world. He has been coding for more than 15 years (counting the games he wrote for his ZX Spectrum 128K). He has extensive experience in web application development and EAI.

Ashish is an avid open source follower and contributor. He is always looking to learn new things, including Google WebToolkit and Ruby on Rails, when he is not playing with his daughter. He is currently working on an Apress book on the Google WebToolkit and has published various articles on IBM developerWorks. Ashish has been a member of IEEE for more than 10 years. He can be reached at

Ashish lives in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto, with his wife and daughter. He dreams of being a karate black belt who can also play the piano.

Books from Ashish

[Book Cover] Rails Solutions: Ruby on Rails Made Easy
Rails Solutions: Ruby on Rails Made Easy (Technical Reviewer)
From Friends of Ed, released January 15th, 2007
In this book you'll learn: How to develop web applications quickly and easily with the Ruby on Rails framework The basics of programming principles and Ruby syntax, so you can begin to understand whats going on under the hood How to implement must-have w...