Cameron Adams

[Photo] Cameron  Adams

Cameron Adams has one degree in law and another in science. Naturally, he chose a career in web development. When pressed, he labels himself a "web technologist," because he likes to have a hand in graphic design, JavaScript, CSS, Perl (yes, Perl), and anything else that takes his fancy that morning. He runs his own business (, and has done work for government departments, nonprofit organizations, large corporations, and tiny startups.

As well as helping his list of clients, Cameron has taught numerous workshops around the country and spoken at conferences worldwide, such as @media and Web Directions. He released his first book in 2006, The JavaScript Anthology, which is one of the most complete question-and-answer resources on modern JavaScript techniques.

Cameron lives in Melbourne, Australia, where, between coding marathons, he likes to play soccer and mix some tunes for his irate neighbors.

Books from Cameron

[Book Cover] The Art and Science of CSS
The Art and Science of CSS (Author)
From SitePoint, released March 9th, 2007
CSS-based design doesn't need to be boring. The Art & Science of CSS brings together a talented collection of designers who will show you how to take the building blocks of your web site's design (such as headings, navigation, forms, and more) and bring them to ...
[Book Cover] Web Standards Creativity: Innovations in Web Design with XHTML, CSS, and DOM Scripting
Web Standards Creativity: Innovations in Web Design with XHTML, CSS, and DOM Scripting (Author)
From Friends of Ed, released March 19th, 2007
Be inspired by 10 web design lessons from 10 of the worlds best web designers Get creative with cutting-edge XHTML, CSS, and DOM scripting techniques Learn breathtaking design skills while remaining standards-compliant Here at friends of ED, we know th...
[Book Cover] Simply JavaScript
Simply JavaScript (Author)
From SitePoint, released June 21st, 2007
Everything you need to learn JavaScript from Scratch! Packed with full-color examples, Simply JavaScript is a step-by-step introduction to programming in JavaScript the right way. Learn how easy it is to use JavaScript to solve real-world problems, build smarte...
[Book Cover] Accelerated DOM Scripting with AJAX, APIs, and Libraries
Accelerated DOM Scripting with AJAX, APIs, and Libraries (Technical Reviewer)
From Apress, released September 27th, 2007
If you're a web developer with previous JavaScript and DOM scripting experience, Accelerated DOM Scripting with Ajax, APIs, and Libraries is perfect for you to take your knowledge up to the next level. This book is about JavaScript and using the document object...