Dan Webb

[Photo] Dan  Webb

Dan Webb is a freelance web application developer who has most recently been working with Vivabit, where he is developing Evenet Wax, a web-based event management system. He also recently coauthored the Unobtrusive JavaScript Plugin for Rails and the Low Pro extension to Prototype.

Dan is a JavaScript expert who has spoken at @media 2006, RailsConf, and The Ajax Experience. He has written for A List Apart, HTML Dog, and SitePoint, and he is a member of the UK web design group the Brit Pack. He blogs regularly about Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript at his site, http://www.danwebb.net. He recently became a member of the newly formed Prototype Core Team.

Books from Dan

[Book Cover] Pro JavaScript Techniques
Pro JavaScript Techniques (Technical Reviewer)
From Apress, released December 11th, 2006
Pro JavaScript Techniques is the ultimate JavaScript book for the modern web developer. It provides everything you need to know about modern JavaScript, and shows what JavaScript can do for your web sites. This book doesn't waste any time looking at things you a...
[Book Cover] Accelerated DOM Scripting with AJAX, APIs, and Libraries
Accelerated DOM Scripting with AJAX, APIs, and Libraries (Author)
From Apress, released September 27th, 2007
If you're a web developer with previous JavaScript and DOM scripting experience, Accelerated DOM Scripting with Ajax, APIs, and Libraries is perfect for you to take your knowledge up to the next level. This book is about JavaScript and using the document object...