David Lane


David Lane works as a software engineer and IT manager with the Multimedia Database Systems group at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. In that group he has helped develop and commercialize the Structured Information Manager, a large scale SGML/XML document repository, and a high performance web server. David has also worked with Australia's largest telecommunications company, Telstra, in areas as diverse as satellite communications, human factors research, and electronic document interchange (EDI). David has a bachelor's degree in applied science (majoring in mathematics and computer science) from Swinburne University.

Books from David

[Book Cover] Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL
Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL (Author)
From O'Reilly Media, released March 1st, 2002
What do eBay, Amazon.com and CNN.com have in common? They're all applications that integrate large databases with the Web. The popularity (and power) of these applications stems from their accessibility and usability: thousands of users can access the same data ...