Hugh E. Williams


Hugh E. Williams is a senior lecturer in the School of Computer Science and IT at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, where he has taught for seven years. He currently teaches in two areas - database technology and web technology - and is the coordinator of a masters program that focuses on the Internet and the Web. His research interests include building better search engines, bioinformatics, and designing faster data structures. When not at work Hugh likes to go running, watch Richmond play footy, and follow the cricket. Hugh has a Ph.D. from RMIT University.

Books from Hugh

[Book Cover] Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL
Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL (Author)
From O'Reilly Media, released March 1st, 2002
What do eBay, and have in common? They're all applications that integrate large databases with the Web. The popularity (and power) of these applications stems from their accessibility and usability: thousands of users can access the same data ...