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Jeff created his first web site in 1994 and has been working full-time in the web industry since 1995. In the 90s, he worked for three different Internet Service Providers, doing web design and development for their online presences. In the early 2000s, he began using and advocating for web standards. At the time, he was working at a small University in Topeka, KS — and his standards evangelism fell on deaf ears. After being ousted from that position on account of trying too hard to initiate change, he joined a much more enlightened University, and, along with a great team, was able to bring some degree of forward-thinking, modern design and development practices to the education sector.

In late 2005, he joined World Online (now Mediaphormedia), the web division of The Lawrence Journal-World newspaper in Lawrence, KS. World Online is one of the most well-respected online journalism outfits in the world, and is also the birthplace of Django, the premiere rapid web application development framework for Python. World Online was an exciting place to learn a lot about programming while at the same time being able to flex his design muscles on several different media sites.

In mid-2007, he left World Online and joined Blue Flavor, an agency whose name has been synonymous with high-design web standards work since its inception. Although his title at Blue Flavor is Designer, he acts both as a designer and developer, doing everything from information architecture and interaction design to visual design to Django development to front-end coding. Blue Flavor feels like something of a “destination job,” and it‘s hard to imagine himself anywhere else anytime soon.

In addition to his work as a designer, he has been an author for two books: Pro CSS Techniques, published by Apress, and Web Standards Creativity, by Friends of ED. He has also spoken on topics ranging from back-end development to web typography to designer‘s workflow at industry conferences including South By Southwest Interactive, Webmaster Jam Session, and Future of Web Design.

Books from Jeff

[Book Cover] Pro CSS Techniques
Pro CSS Techniques (Author)
From Apress, released November 27th, 2006
Pro CSS Techniques is the ultimate CSS book for the modern web developer. If you've already got web design and development basics under your belt, but want to take your knowledge to the next level and unleash the full power of CSS in your web sites, then this is...
[Book Cover] Web Standards Creativity: Innovations in Web Design with XHTML, CSS, and DOM Scripting
Web Standards Creativity: Innovations in Web Design with XHTML, CSS, and DOM Scripting (Author)
From Friends of Ed, released March 19th, 2007
Be inspired by 10 web design lessons from 10 of the worlds best web designers Get creative with cutting-edge XHTML, CSS, and DOM scripting techniques Learn breathtaking design skills while remaining standards-compliant Here at friends of ED, we know th...