Jon Stephens


Jon Stephens got his start in the IT and technical writing fields in the mid-1990s by teaching computers how to operate radio stations (and then teaching humans how to operate the computers). He's been working with the Web and Open Source technologies since 1996, and almost from the beginning of that time gravitated to using JavaScript, both client-side and server-side as well as PHP, Python, and MySQL. He is co-author of Professional JavaScript, Second Edition (Wrox Press, 2001) and has contributed his JavaScript and DOM scripting expertise to numerous other books on web technologies as an author or reviewer, including The JavaScript Programmer's Reference (Wrox, 2001), Usable Web Menus (glasshaus, 2001), Professional PHP 4 XML Programming (Wrox, 2002), and Constructing Usable Shopping Carts (glasshaus, 2002; reissued by Apress, 2004). Most recently he was the co-author (with Chad Russell) of MySQL Database Design and Optimization (Apress, 2004) and is currently working on PHP 5 Recipes for Apress. Jon is a regular contributor to International PHP magazine, for whom he's written a couple of articles on DOM scripting in PHP 4 and 5. He's also been active on a number of developer websites (including and as well as several JavaScript/DOM mailing lists.

Jon hung up his freelancer's hat in 2004 when he accepted a full-time job as a technical writer with MySQL AB. He helps maintain the MySQL Manual and other MySQL documentation, wrestles with the vagaries of DocBook XML, and hangs out on the MySQL User Forums. Jon is known to become quite excited when occasionally he gets to do some JavaScript of PHP DOM scripting in connection with his job.

Having lived most places where one can reasonably live in the USA, Jon migrated in 2002 to Australia. He shares a house in Brisbane's South End with several cats and computers, both of whose numbers constantly fluctuate. In his spare time, he likes going to the ocean, finding new places to drink coffee, reading the odd detective thriller, and listening to his daughter sing.

Books from Jon

[Book Cover] DOM Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model
DOM Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model (Technical Reviewer)
From Friends of Ed, released September 20th, 2005
We know from the success of titles such as Web Standards Solutions, Cascading Style Sheets: Separating Content from Presentation, and the Web Designer's Reference that web designers are increasingly concerned with making sites that don't just look pretty, but ar...