Michael Bowers

[Photo] Michael  Bowers

Michael Bowers has been writing software professionally for 18 years. He taught himself to program when he was 14 and hasn't stopped since.

He has been the lead software developer, architect, and modeler for many projects ranging from web sites to applications frameworks to database systems. He has built intranet applications, automated factories with robotics, developed languages along with interpreters and compilers, programmed handheld devices, integrated enterprise systems, and managed teams. His favorite languages include CSS, XHTML, XML, C#, C, Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript, ASP, and SQL.

Michael is also an accomplished pianist with a bachelor's degree in music composition, a master's degree in music theory, and an ABD PhD in music theory. In his spare time he loves to improvise, arrange, and compose music.

Books from Michael

[Book Cover] Pro CSS and HTML Design Patterns
Pro CSS and HTML Design Patterns (Author)
From Apress, released April 23rd, 2007
Design patterns have been used with great success in software programming. They improve productivity, creativity, and efficiency in web design and development, and they reduce code bloat and complexity. In the context of CSS and HTML, design patterns are sets of...