Paul Haine


Clawing his way from deepest, darkest Somerset upon his coming of age, Paul Haine found himself ironically trapped for a further six years on the opposite side of the country in the deepest, darkest Kent, learning about web standards during the spare weeks between history lectures. Now residing in Oxford's famous East Oxford, he spends his days working as a web designer, surrounded by a plethora of Apple-branded hardware, Nintendo kitsch, and a truly massive collection of unusable grunge and pixel fonts.

Paul also runs his personal blog,, alongside his design blog, He attends to both of these approximately every six months during the gap between catching up with his blogroll and refreshing it to begin reading again.

Books from Paul

[Book Cover] HTML Mastery
HTML Mastery (Author)
From Friends of Ed, released December 18th, 2006
Why settle for average HTML, when you can become a master of it? Markup is the fabric that holds the web together, but most people only scratch the surface of what can be achieved using (X)HTML. That's where this unique book comes init's aimed at web designers a...
[Book Cover] Pro CSS and HTML Design Patterns
Pro CSS and HTML Design Patterns (Technical Reviewer)
From Apress, released April 23rd, 2007
Design patterns have been used with great success in software programming. They improve productivity, creativity, and efficiency in web design and development, and they reduce code bloat and complexity. In the context of CSS and HTML, design patterns are sets of...