Ryan J. Bonnell

[Photo] Ryan J. Bonnell

From the first two lines of code he wrote in 1984 on a 64K Apple computer, Ryan J. Bonnell discovered his one true love - and it's been a passionate affair ever since.

A self-starter and problem solver, Ryan's been working with the Web since the early 1990s and currently enjoys his position as lead web developer for Creative Arc (http://creativearc.com), a Minneapolis web design firm.

When he's not working, Ryan can be found refining his photography skills or sipping on a latte at the nearby Starbucks. A fine cigar or premium single-malt scotch is his celebration after a hard day's work.

Books from Ryan

[Book Cover] Rails Solutions: Ruby on Rails Made Easy
Rails Solutions: Ruby on Rails Made Easy (Technical Reviewer)
From Friends of Ed, released January 15th, 2007
In this book you'll learn: How to develop web applications quickly and easily with the Ruby on Rails framework The basics of programming principles and Ruby syntax, so you can begin to understand whats going on under the hood How to implement must-have w...