Sham Bhangal


Sham Bhangal originally started out as an engineer, specializing in industrial computer based display and control systems. His spare time was partly taken up by freelance web design, something that slowly took up more and more of his time until the engineering had to go.

He is now also writing for friends of ED, something that is taking more and more time away from web design...Funny how live repeats itself!

Sham lives in Manchester, England, with his partner Karen.

Books from Sham

[Book Cover] Foundation ActionScript
Foundation ActionScript (Author)
From Friends of Ed, released January 1st, 2001
Flash 5 is now the standard for dynamic multimedia on the web and the ActionScript language it incorporates has changed from just an interesting feature into a required Flash competence. The improvements in Flash 5 have made ActionScript a more accessible tool f...