Theodore Boomer


Theodore (Tad) Boomer has been working with personal computers and writing code since 1977 when he started working with a Commodore, and taught himself BASIC so that he could write and play video games.

Over the years, Tad has worked for various US government agencies where he gained knowledge of other programming languages such as C, MUMPS, Assembly, COBOL, and Pascal. After leaving the federal government in 1991, he started Connetek Business Technologies ( offering small business consulting, programming, and web hosting services. He has been a beta tester on software projects such as Microsoft FrontPage and Intuit Quickbooks, Quicken, and Turbo Tax.

Tad has authored a Packt Publishing book called, "Building Websites with e107" and has been a technical reviewer for other Packt Publishing titles to include Learning Mambo, cPanel, osCommerce Beginners Edition, osCommerce Professional Edition, and OpenVPN.

Books from Theodore

[Book Cover] PHP 5 CMS Framework Development
PHP 5 CMS Framework Development (Technical Reviewer)
From Packt Publishing, released June 6th, 2008
This book takes you through the creation of a working architecture for a PHP 5-based content management system, stepping you through the design and major implementation issues. This book is for professional PHP developers who either already use an in-house devel...