Essential PHP Security

Reviewed April 10th, 2006 @ 10:32AM

[Book Cover] Essential PHP Security

Essential PHP Security by Chris Shiflett was a very concise read on PHP Security. I had read several articles from and really enjoyed the content. The articles were written in an easy to understand format with practical solutions.

I picked up (for $22 at Essential PHP Security by Chris Shiflett. I received it last friday at 5:00PM, went to a wedding rehearsal, came back and read the book in its entirety by 10:00PM (It is around 100+ pages — a very simple read). In all of the chapters Chris does a great job of presenting to you the problem and security risk at hand, how it is used (with examples), and how you can protect your applications from the same pitfalls. Many of them I have heard before, but it is always nice to have them compiled in one book as a great resource. His use of analogies and real world examples make this book a must read for a PHP beginner or professional. If I had a star rating on my blog, I would give this book a 5/5 for covering exactly what it said it would and doing so in a very clear manner.